fredag 20 mars 2015

A Word Smith

It all started with writing poetry as a child and teenager, something I indulged in doing in my three main languages - and even have a short poem in Italian.

I went on to study "Dramaturgia" which involved creative playwriting, with frequent exercises where I had to imitate the style of a given author. Such a useful skill when translating literature! Imitating the original´s style is what gives flavor to the reader in the target language.

Over the years I have felt an increasing passion for writing and have had the chance to publish 4 articles so far, as well as writing in several blogs (see for instance the article collection at

In recent years I have had a growing number of requests to translate creatively, using alliterations, plays on words, and even rhymes. This has applied to literature but more often to the marketing industry, with creative descriptions of items for sale in the company´s websites - in particular fashion and cosmetics, but also tourist brochures with travel descriptions and museum guides.

Even though creative translation is much more time consuming, I also find it refreshingly fun! And according to client feedback, I am very skilled at it.

I like to see myself as a "Word Smith", a craftsman with words. :)

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