• Translations (written) as a freelance translator, from Swedish and English into Spanish both for companies (in different countries) and private persons since 1999. Main fields have been literature, tourism and religion, as well as advertisement, health/medical, and manuals (see below).
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (spoken) in congresses, ecclesiastical, medical, and academic meetings, between Swedish, English and Spanish, among other. I have lived most of my life in multilingual settings, so sporadic, volunteer interpretation has also been frequent.
  • Translation project management.
  • I have also published articles on language and translation.
In the Testimonials tab, you may read what some of my clients have said of me.

Ø      Tourism: travel guides, hotel brochures, museum information, and informative publications for tourists. English and Swedish into European Spanish.
Ø      Medicine, pharmaceutical, health care: translation of forms, studies, questionnaires, and reports. Both English and Swedish source. Also: extensive interpretation in hospitals.
Ø      Translation of nutrition, food industry, recipes, restaurants, and gastronomy (English and Swedish).
Ø      Translation of manuals (refrigerators, DVD-players, DVBs, TVs, Dolby Virtual, printers, dishwashers). (English and Swedish> European Spanish)
Ø      Literary religious translations (youth books in Victorian English) into Argentinean Spanish, 2004, for US publisher Editorial Sendas Antiguas. Books translated:
v     “From Darkness to Light/De la oscuridad a la luz”
v     “The Young Cottager/La joven de la cabaña”
v     “Three Months Under The Snow/Tres meses bajo la nieve”
v     “The Bible in the Wall/La Biblia en la pared”
Ø      Literary (religious/youth) translations for US publisher Dalmatian Press / Spirit Press, English into Argentinean Spanish:
v      “Children’s Bible Storybook/Historias de la Biblia para niños” (135,000 words) 2006.
v      “Peter Pan” by J.M. Barrie (the complete novel) 2004.
v      Three religious story books for small children, 2005.
Ø      Translation of articles and press releases about the regattas of the 32nd America 's Cup (sailing), 2005-2007. Swedish into European Spanish.
Ø      Translation and editing of publications on human rights, assistance to underdeveloped countries, discrimination, disabilities, HIV/AIDS, and Swedish foreign policy. Swedish into Argentinean Spanish.
Ø      Religion: Translation of several volumes of Christian sermons by Mr. Philpot, Victorian English into Argentinean Spanish during 2003.
Ø      Other translations: motor vehicle industry, employee manuals, advertisement, press notes, textiles, services webs, housing, and recycling.


  • Simultaneous conference interpretation from English into Spanish, mainly in network marketing events.
  • Simultaneous interpretation from Spanish into English, Swedish and German, and consecutive interpretation from those languages back into Spanish, in church meetings (since summer 2000) in Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.
  • Consecutive interpretation Swedish-Spanish-Swedish and English-Spanish-English, and Spanish-German-Spanish in real estate and organization of international seminaries of psychology, music and healing.
  • Consecutive interpretation with Swedish and other languages in medical meetings at Borås hospital in Sweden and Son Dureta hospital in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as a volunteer, in student-parent meetings at the Swedish School in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

PUBLISHED WORKS as an author:
o   Honors Thesis: Applying and Evaluating the ASTM Standard Guide to Quality Assurance in Translation under the mentorship of Dr. Alan K Melby, secretary of the American Translators Association (ATA). 2004-2006.
o   Presenting at the American Translators Association general conference in Seattle , November 2005.
o   Quality in Translation, a Lesson for the Study of Meaning. Article in the journal Linguistics and the Human Sciences, issue 1.3, coauthored with Dr. Alan K. Melby and Dr. Alan Manning, Nov 2005.
o   Magazine article in LDS Living, March-April 2006 issue, entitled How to keep second languages alive.
o   Standarder – vad är de och varför behövs de?(Standards, what are they and why do we need them?) for Facköversättaren, SFÖ’s publication, Issue 6, 2007.
o   Lecture at SFÖ’s annual general conference in Västerås ( Sweden ), April 2008, entitled Standarder för översättningskvalitet (Standards for Quality in Translation).

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