torsdag 22 december 2016

New Year, New Projects

Now that 2016 is reaching its end, I am wrapping it up with renewed strength and ideas.

It has been a year with lots of work volume, in which I unfortunately even have had to refuse jobs due to overload. Which is something to be grateful for, indeed! 17 years of experience as a translator has indeed paid off.

Something that helps me a lot in times of such intense translation work are phototherapy patches to activate mental energy. I have had some rather spectacular "anecdotes" with them since I started using them in 2011, so much that I've decided to share it with my translator/interpreter colleagues and other people who work intensely with their mental capacity. The result has become, a web in which I am also blogging regularly.

What I also do on a weekly basis and makes me very happy is sharing my ideas for a more balanced and productive life by Live videos on Facebook. They are public so you can watch them live or access the recording later. I broadcast in English on Tuesdays at 5 pm CET and on Thursdays in Spanish at the same time.

I wish you all a great 2017!

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